Nonna’s Story


It was many, many years ago that Maria set off from the Sardinian port of Cagliari, for a new exciting life in Africa. Travelling with her were some of her families most treasured possessions. Riches far too valuable to be entrusted in the timeworn, scuffed leather trunk that accompanied her on the voyage.

No, they were locked firmly away, safe and secure in the depth of Maria’s mind, until the time was right.

A number of years later the time came, and those priceless possessions once more saw the light of day. The delicious recipes that Maria’s family had created and passed down and perfected in Sardinia and Italy once more filled the air with their irresistible aroma’s when she opened her Kitchen in Senderwood in 2005.

Maria, now known more affectionately as Nonna Mia, was soon a legend. As word spread, more and more came to Nonna’s Kitchen to have their tastebuds transfixed and their minds transported back to a time when rush hour consisted of two donkey’s meeting on a dirt track. When every day was one to be chewed over and savoured, and the appreciation of food meant considerably more than life itself. Inspiring Maria to spread the joy further, by creating Nonnia Mia’s Pronto.

After all without food life is meaningless. Or at, the very least, extremely dull. Which amounts to the same thing, as Nonna often said.