Our menu gives the customer a wide range of Pizzas, which come in three different slice options. Six, eight and the family size twenty-four slice mega pizza. All our pizzas come in Nonna’s original square base, with Nonna’s famous tomato paste. At Nonna Mia’s Parkhurst our pizzas are made with only the freshest and finest ingredients. Therefore creating that authentic Italian taste that you love. 

Our menu offers a wide range of Al Forno (oven baked) pastas. All made using Nonna’s famous recipes, therefore, giving your taste buds a tour of an authentic Italian homemade meal.

Nonna’s salads are made with the only the freshest and cleanest ingredients for those looking for a guilt-free treat. Or as a great accompaniment to your pizza to complete your Italian feast.

In conclusion, Nonna’s famous homemade ciabatta paninis are out of this world and a definite must-try, to start or accompany your meal.